A 600-year-old historic castle that was destroyed by fire and badly damaged

The incident happened in Japan this morning, October 31, 2019. The historic Shuri Castle on Okinawa, Japan, was set ablaze after a fire broke out at about 2:40 am local time.

The Okinawa prefecture sent fire over 10 fire trucks and extinguished the fire, but the fire was extinguished. It was reported that the fire started from the main building and spread to other units quickly, but it is not yet clear why the fire broke out.

The Shwedagon Tower was built around the 14th century under Shō Hashi, the king of Ryukyu. Ryukyuan limestone; It is mainly made of wood and wood. The castle was also rebuilt in the days of the next kings. The tower stood for 429 years as the royal court and main administrative center of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

The castle has been under fire several times and has been rebuilt several times. In the 19th century, it was under the control of the Japanese Empire, and after 1945 the Japanese were defeated.

It was then retained by the US Urban Administration and returned to Japan in 1972. The last castle was renovated in 2922. Every time it is restored, it has been preserved and has been preserved as a historical heritage. Until 1970, it was used as the largest university campus in Okinawa province, making it a frequent tourist destination.

The tower has been designated as a Japanese gem since 1993. In 2000, Japan was again listed on UNESCO’s 11th World Heritage List.

Now, the 600-year-old center of Okinawa’s cultural center has been nearly destroyed by fire. All of the castle’s north and south buildings have been left ashes, and this is the biggest loss of heritage to Japan.

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