Grandfather’s legacy for his grandchildren

Mr. James James, an Irishman living in New Jersey on September 3, 2012, changed his life to a heart condition. On April 8, his birthday, he wrote a letter to five grandchildren.

The title of the letter is “18 lessons in life.” The details of the letter are as follows:

01. Value yourself
It was only because of hard work and parenting. When you are tired, God, your parents, Only when you forget the teacher will you value yourself.

02. Do what you should do without fear of losing
Do not fear anything you want to do in your life. Whatever the ambition, whatever the goal is, what does the community think? You don’t have to look at the shadow of others and move on with your life. Go ahead with what you desire to be. But if two fail, then two words of repentance will not appear.

03. People are all the same
All the people in the world are the same. There are people who are also rich and different, and they may be treated differently. But don’t be discouraged. The rich are scared, too. There are weaknesses. Like other people, they often sleep when they are tired and tired.

04. Write down what you want to do
Make sure you write down what you want to do in life. Make a list of the places you want to travel, the school you want to be in, and what you want to do, and start doing what you can within a year. I want this routine to be done every year. It will never happen tomorrow. Life may not be tomorrow. Remember, nothing is permanent.

05. Praise the children
Irish people have a proverb. If the child is being treated with respect, the child will not say a word. When you have a baby, do it.

06. Help People
If at all possible, help those who are stranded in the neighborhood and away from the community, and their lives are filled with sadness and trauma.

07. It’s not a good war to kill each other
Young people lost their lives in the wars that the political leaders began signing in the pulpit. Ultimately, the war is over and the war is over.

08 Read More
Reading a lot of messages will increase your intelligence and intelligence.

09. Be honest
It is good to be honest.

10. Travel
If possible, go for more travel. After the savings, it will not go very well. You don’t have to go very far. There may be areas where you may not be able to get out of your community.

11. Make a career of your career
The job you want to do should be your career choice. Easy, but not impossible. If you only look at the money and choose the job, the work will not be as fun.

12. Don’t insult others.
It is very hard for someone to talk to them even when they are hurting others. Avoid this as hard as possible.

13. Don’t break the promise of children
Instead of saying “impossible”, give your children a promise that can’t be broken. Don’t let wounds hurt your baby’s heart.

14. Don’t let love fool you
Don’t let love say that you love it to others.

15. Also explore the environment
Go out as far as you can and see with your eyes what is going on in the world.

16. Ask about your grandparents
Ask your grandparents how they have tried.

17. Don’t forget to say thank you to your loved one
Before losing a loved one, say thank you for your love.

18. Life is irretrievable
Life ends day after day. I would like to make the day a valuable use.