The hero or Uchun who prevented the Buddha from disappearing

In the Sittwe town, Ye Kyaw Thu, a wealthy tycoon from Sittwe, is virtually unknown to the Rakhine people. Trained in the footsteps of his eldest son, Chan Tun, he was a famous legal scholar who influenced his influence, not only in Europe but also in Europe. U Ye Kyaw Thu and Daw Thida Phyu were the parents of 10 children. U Chan Tun U San Kyaw; Shwe Mann U Thazan They are Daw San Win, Daw San Myaing, Daw Shwe Khaing and Daw Shin Htwe. All six sons, including U Tun Tun, were educated at the British School at that time and were literate.

U Shwe Ban, four brothers including U Tun Tun; U Shwe Thar U Thazan has earned a Barrister at Law degree. In 1881, the final year of his law degree, U Tun Tun studied the subject of Roman law, the field of law, and law. The Queen of Victoria won the Victorian Gold Medal with all the honors of the ancient English subjects. He was awarded excellence in every subject and was awarded £ 100 each.

There was no other such award until U Htun Htun was honored until World War II when he returned to Rangoon to take the Queen Victoria Award and honor him. Remembering when he was a cyclist, he recalls standing on the bike and paying homage to his lawyer, U Kyaw Zan, the wife of Mrs. Ri Zanz (No. 28, Sanchaung, Aung Mingalar Road).

The Queen of Victoria was surprised to find that she had such a wise child in her native colonial state: When he was called upon, the boy went to Arakanese, dressed in a traditional Rakhine long-sleeved shirt and turban. The Queen shook hands and hosted a tea party and Maung Chan Tun. He was awarded the Queen Victoria by himself, and the Queen’s Son and Royal Horse Rides were also given the opportunity to travel to the royal palace at any time.

During his stay in England, U Tun Tun was a close friend of the famous writer Oscar Wilde. It was likely that he was talking about Arakanese, Arakanese culture and Arakanese history, and Oswald Wut was interested in Arakanese history and had collected books and books on Arakanese history, published in the UK, The King of Arakan. U Tun Tun also published the book The Nature and Value of Jurisprudence while in England, published by Messrs Sweet And Maswell. It is very popular in the UK and has been published for the third time.

When he returned to Yangon, he wrote two Leading Cases in Burmese Law and two Burmese Buddhist law books. The two books are still being used as a manual in the Myanmar Justice Department.

The Burmese Buddhist Law Book was kept secretly in his library by his father, Maung Thaz Zan (Judge – Nyein), the author of the Central High Court. The cover of the book is illustrated with the biography of U Chan Tun. In 1854, the British government planned to build a modern capital city of Yangon, and it was built to build a housing complex, which was then demolished by the Kyai Myat Choe Pagoda in Thu Gyi Pagoda.

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