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Italy, Italy About 8,000 cemeteries are lying in the underground cemetery under the chapel of the Catholic church in Palamoto. Kangaroo Cemetery is well known for its water-repellent masonry. One of these, perhaps the most well-known conservation technology, has attracted many visitors.

The name is named after the Palermo’s Sleeping Beauty of Palermo. Her real name is Rosalie Barberdo. She is 2 years old. He died of pneumonia on December 6, 1920.

When her daughter died suddenly, her father, Mario Burdo, was devastated. So he called for chemistry professor Alfredo Salafia to stop his daughter’s body from being damaged. Salafia is also helping out with her help.

Salafia’s technology has been surprisingly good. According to the documents filed with the body, Salafia’s drug has been linked to glycerin, emphysema and acne. I love you. Zinc Salmon Chlorine and sulfuric acid.

Even after nearly 100 years of life, the body of the baby still looks like it was dead at first. Xray and her body were found to be intact, as well as the internal organs and the internal organs.

Her beautiful and flawless face The same is true of the hair cut on the ribbon. Unexpectedly, a two-year-old would be sleeping. Her body was then placed in a coffin covered with glass, and it is now 100 years old.

She is also the last remaining person to be found in Carthage Cemetery. The most striking thing is that her eyes are usually closed during the day.

Experts say that the cemetery is light because of the low visibility of the visitors when the visitors turn on the lights. It is protected with nitrogen gas to prevent further damage.

Even after years, some people seem to have made a false impression. One of the most popular thinkers of all such ideas is National Geographic magazine. Researchers in this magazine who wrote and researched natural and scientific events have come to the conclusion that the MIR has been fully tested after MIR’s external inspection.

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