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During his ten years as Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant was able to successfully deal with major world crises. The major problems that U Thant has successfully solved are:

The Cuban problem that led to the Third World War
Turkey and Greece are bleeding. Cycle problem
Indonesia and the Netherlands. West Eritrean conflict hits dead
Middle East riots

The end of the Vietnam War and the issue of peace
Global oil problem
South Africa Racial Discrimination

Environmental Issues…
The fight against poverty in the world …
Other issues.

U Thant’s ability to carry out the UN Secretary-General’s life; He has been awarded a 17-year Doctor’s Degree from University Colleges around the world, for helping the world deal with world problems. U Thant’s degrees were as follows:

1949 Wunna Kyaw Htun, The Myanmar Government
1953: Sri Lankan Government of Burma
1957 Bachelor of Burma Government
1961 The great government of Myanmar

1962 June 10 Doctoral dissertation (LLD), University of Alton, Canada
1962 June 12 Doctor’s Degree (LLD), Princeton University, New Jersey
1963, June 2, Doctor’s Degree (LLD), South Dakota State University, Massachusetts
1963 June 13 Doctoral dissertation (LLD) Honorary Presidency, Cambridge, Massachusetts

1963 June 16 Doctoral dissertation (LLD) Honorary Degree, University of New Hampshire, NY
1964 April 2 Doctoral dissertation (LLD), University of California, California
1964 April 3 Doctor’s Degree (LLD) Honors College, Colorado
1964 June 8 Doctor’s Degree (LLD) Honors College, Pennsylvania

1964 June 10 Doctor’s Degree (LLD) New York Univeristy
1964 Jul 30 Degree Doctor (LLD) Honorary Soviet University Moscow
1965 May 25 Degree (LLD) Honorary Lecturer, University of Ontario
1965 June 6 Doctoral dissertation (LLD), University of Victoria, Victoria

1965 June 14 Doctoral dissertation (LLD), University of New Haven
1966 May 28, Doctor of Science (LLD), University of Ontario, Canada
1966 June 5 Doctor’s Degree (LLD) Hall of Fame Hamilton College, New York
1966 June 8 Doctoral dissertation (LLD) Honors University, New York

1966 June 14, Doctor’s Degree (LLD), Manhattan College, New York
September 1962 Czechoslovakia, capital of Czechoslovakia, U Thant was honored with the Gold Medal at the 600th Anniversary of Charles University.
On September 28, 1966, he received the Jalalah Nehru Prize from India. Receive Rs 100,000. The award was donated back to the UN School as a U Thant Scholarship.
He also received the Stephen Foundation Award from the United States, often awarded by the United States for its peacekeeping efforts.

U Thant memories
In honor of the Secretary-General, U Thant’s body sculpture was erected at the UN School in October 1974.

U Thant was honored in 1966 by the United Nations Secretary-General in honor of the United Nations Secretary-General’s nomination. US space pilots James Lovall and Adrian Dean Jr. carry the Union flag in space and circulate the flag, which is presented by Burmese astronaut U Thant in the hand of the UN Secretary-General.
In the framed flag, the caption states that the flag was carried by a pilot in the 1966 Space Shuttle pilot James Lov and Adrian Adrian, in November 1966.

In honor of U Thant, the United States; Belmont Island, just south of Roosevelt Island, just south of New York City, was named U Thant Island. The island is approximately 100×200 feet wide.

Malaysia celebrates U Thant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The embassy road was named Jalan U Thant.

7 UThant Building on Jalal U Thant Road, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Taman U Thant
Taman U-Thant is a place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Located in the eastern part of the city, it was established in the 1960s and was used for foreign embassies and high commissions only. It was named after the former UN General Secretary from 1961 until 1971, U. Thant.

Japan Tokyo The U Thant Honorary Leacture Series is regularly broadcast by UNU United Nation University.
The United Nations has marked U Thant’s image as a symbol of U Thant’s centenary.
The US Stamp Company, Inc., created the Abraham Lincoln Collection; The stamps of the Omarima and U Thant are set at a uniform rate.

U Thant Peace Prize

The award was created by Sri Chinmoy of the United States in honor of U Thant. Launched in 1982. The UN Secretary-General U Thant, who has died, has the high intelligence and intelligence. The people, the people who have been instrumental in helping to bring world peace. This is an award given to organizations.

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