He is a liar or an American heart

There was once a six-year-old boy. On one of his birthdays, his father presents him with an ax. He was very pleased that the boy had never owned the ax. When he left for school that day, he was not interested in school and was only concerned with the new ax.

After graduating, I came home from school. I’m happy to see a new ax. And he does it alone.
Take a look! The journey was over. The handlebars are also comfortable to hold. This ant will be able to cut anything. I’ll try and cut something out.

As a result, the boy jumped into the yard behind his house. Then he finds one of the smallest trees in the field and happily cuts down his new ax. Soon, the little tree grew from the place where it was cut. The meat is gone. Around the base of the tree the bark, The new ones are spreading.

He didn’t even notice that he was cutting the tree because he was cutting it. Then he came tired and stopped the experiment with the ax and returned home for dinner.

After dinner, he went to the farm with his father and told his father what had happened to him at school one day. While chatting with the two boys, Hoo was watching the little tree that the boy had been testing in the evening. When he saw what was happening, his father became very angry.

“Who did this?” He asked aloud.
The boy is shaking with the baby behind his father. His father turned to the boy and asked.
Do you know who did it? Dad didn’t think I was going to do it. Yes, son, who did it?

The boy spoke softly with a soft voice.
I don’t want to tell him a lie. It was the tree that the father gave him as a birthday present.

The boy’s father may think that the boy will punish him.
But the father did not punish the boy. I held my son up with both hands and kissed him kindly. And happy.

I’m glad he told his father the truth and didn’t lie. It would be better for him to lose all the trees in this garden than he would hear a lie.

As a result, the boy grew up to be a brave and honest man. Everyone always trusted him. He not only became a general in the military, but also won the presidency, one of his country’s greatest men.

He was also first in the field of warfare. It is the first and only way to achieve peace. He is also the archbishop of history in the heart of the people of his country.

He was the President of the United States, George Washington (1732-1799).