Strange story of someone who has twice died a lifetime

One of the most unsettling stories in Ireland. Margorie McCall, of the Irish town of Lurgan, is said to be an unusual woman.

In 1705, McCall died of a fever. After the test was confirmed to be dead, the disease was quickly eradicated because of the disease. Before the man was buried, the man tried to take off her wedding ring.

They are afraid to break the cave and steal the thieves. But the end was totally unmissable. The thieves knew this, and they buried the head and found the ring the night before. The thief then removed the ring from her hand and removed the ring.

But it never got back. They are trying to get their hands on the wrong end. When she touched her hand, she screamed in agony. The thieves fled in fear.

Then she returned home and knocked on the door. The man who first opened the door to meet her was her husband. When he saw her dressed in her death, she broke her heart and died.

She happily passed the rest of the time with relatives. She also had another baby and gave birth to a baby. He died of old age again. Her tomb was written twice, “Lived Once, Buried Twice.”

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