Four kinds of suffering

1. Poor financially

Not having enough money to feed yourself and not being able to feed a family.

2. Poor time

There is no time to use life, no time to do what you want, Some people have money, but they don’t have time. Some have no worse times and no money. Then I blamed this number 3.

3. Poor rights

There are no good opportunities in life. Some say, we try too. I’m working, but why can’t I still get rich?
The first thing we must understand is that every rich person has to work hard. But every attempt is unsuccessful, because if you go in the wrong place, you can never get rich for 10 years.

If you are successful in your hard work, you will be rich and successful. I’m not saying these jobs are bad. It means that there is less chance of getting rich. That’s why it’s not enough to work alone. Work smart and be smart .. Don’t be reluctant to seize the opportunity when faced with the worst, many times worse than the chance we have, but we are often too poor to catch him.

4. Poor thinking

I think of everything from your thoughts, but you underestimate your ability, think negatively, think about failure.
And while you look at the opportunities lost, you have a lot of money, time, and good opportunities, but if you keep your mind, your life will never change.

Would you like to have someone who looks down on you today?
If you say no, why do you underestimate your own quality?
Even if a hundred people say no, they can do it themselves if they say ‘I can do it myself’.

Via: You know, you’ll be rich