Body language that will be useful to you

Body language is about relationships, Social It has the potential to bring benefits.

The face-to-face situation is up to 55% understanding without even talking. When you meet, the number of words you have to speak is less than seven percent, and the volume needs to be only 38 percent.

When you meet with someone, you can express the following behaviors and express your feelings.

If you want to show your friendship,

– Smile
– nod and acknowledge
– Grab a warm handshake
– Look with tender eyes

If you want to show stability
– Come on in. Make sure you measure the outflow

– Keep all body movements calm
Lower the shoulders. Don’t tighten
Don’t hold hands
– Bend back in the chair and sit comfortably

If you want to show your self-confidence
– Sit up straight. Stand up

– Meet your eyes
– Keep the face comfortable
– Smile a genuine smile
– Talk in sign language

If you want to show that you can lead

– Hold firm when greeting. Meet your eyes
Keep your body upright
– Fingerprinting. Don’t bite your lip
– Be courteous when it comes to gestures

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