113-year-old’s health secret

The old man you see in the picture is not healthy to believe that he is over 110 years old. But he is 113 years old. Born in 1901, Bernardina Palo was born. He is now 113 years old. He has never been sick in his life, he says, avoiding meat and eating mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. If you think he is 113 and he cannot do anything, you are wrong. He can answer many mysteries and even read books. He is also a writer on health and longevity.

What does he eat healthy?

Bernardardo tells of five letters instead of his health secret. These five types are:

 1. garlic

You already know that garlic is very good for health. Garlic is a remedy for many ailments, and even daily consumption protects against cancer.

2. Honey

Even honey can be enhanced. If anyone eats a spoonful of honey a day, it can prevent cancer and prevent it. The skin, the skin, the skin. Haircut It can also slow down aging and maintain body weight.

3. Wood bark

Bamboo bark is often found in traditional Myanmar medicine. Its ability to regulate blood cholesterol and is especially good for diabetes.

4. Chocolate

If you think that chocolate is a snack, you are wrong. Chocolate can improve your eyesight. It can help protect the skin and improve the heart.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil helps to lower blood pressure as well as some cancers and cancers. Diabetes Acne It is especially good for arthritis and arthritis. It protects the hair and skin and also maintains a healthy weight.

(Bernadillo Palo died at his home on December 19, 2015 at the age of 114 in Arizona.

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