If you are comfortable with it,

Do you stop working?

When you finished school … when you were in good health, you couldn’t work.

But who would you trust if you were no longer there?

If you marry, how do you take on the responsibilities of head of household?

It’s not because your parents expect you to do so, but their parents are proud and proud of it.

Father is still thinking about work …

I got a job that was not worth my son’s degree.

If you find a suitable job for your son, I’ll do it.

How long have you given such a reason …?

People have to do some work.

The brain is better than normal blood and the person is good at work.

I’ll ask you …

If you are now too hot to eat, will you wait for a job that is not worth your degree and your education?

If the son thought for a moment and waited, he would be hungry.

Hi, is the knowledge you have learned too high?

Are you just being smart?

Don’t say it anymore ..

Decide what your father will tell you …

If you are comfortable with life, you will feel as if you are living a normal life. son

Please explain to me, father …

The father explained …

If I was bored and lazy when I was older, I would not have died well if I had grown up in old age.

There is no rice in the pot so that it can be tranquil.

I didn’t even know what to do.

As a result, death is not a straight path.

Life is a battle … If you have to live in a life that doesn’t seem like you have been in fear of the battle for life, you have to live your life the way it has always been.

The plants themselves will be allowed to enjoy the fruits themselves.

I can’t grow apples and eat apples.

So Dad wants to say that … life is not about life as it is not living, it is life that will paint itself in the best paint.

When the son ends his father’s talk, he looks at him, and that’s why people respect him and the family is the sun.

I promise you that my son will never be as good as you.

I’ll try to brighten my life by myself.

Zene Magwe