Ham, the hero

The cheetah is Ham the Chimp. Ham the Astrochimp, the famous monkey

Ham was born in Cameroon in 1957. In 1959, he arrived at a farm in the United States, where he was sent to the American Mioman Air Force Base.

About 40 chicks were trained at the Air Force training camp, including Ham. From that 40 to 18; From there Ham eventually became the only player selected.

In July 1959, the two-year-old was trained in neuroscience by neuro-scientist (neuroscience, which uses memory as a neuroscience).

The main thing is training them to respond to light and sound at the right time. The monkey was able to control the loops with light.

After several training sessions, on January 31, 1961, he was sent to Project Mercury, one of the earliest human space exploration projects.

His journey lasted 16 minutes and 39 seconds, and arrived at Cape Canaveral, about 420 miles away. The fastest speed reached 5,000 mph. It reaches about 155 miles above the earth.


Part of the spacecraft was damaged during the trip, but it was not harmed by the protective suit.

In return, his capsule crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately, the monkey did not die because he was able to go to the helicopter and save it in time. I received only a scar from the nose.

After returning from space, Ham Ham lived in the National Park in Washington, DC for 17 years and died in 1983. He was buried in the Space Museum in New Mexico, USA, after honoring him.

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